Nationally-recognised Chesterfield ‘doggy day care’ business announces exciting rebrand and franchise model

A ‘doggy day care’ based in Chesterfield has undergone a major rebrand with a view to franchising the business.

Monday, 28th March 2022, 10:58 am
Updated Monday, 28th March 2022, 11:00 am

Rose Cottage Doggy Day Care, founded in Chesterfield, has been trading since 2017 and has become well-established with local dog owners. The business has also gained national recognition, having been named ‘Kennel of the Year Award 2021’ by the Pet Industry Federation.

Now, Rose Cottage is tweaking its branding to focus more on ‘DogLand,’ which is the overall company name. This name and brand will be used as part of the new franchise model being implemented by the business.

The team has also announced the development of many more additional assets to DogLand, including an app to help with pain points in the dog industry and revolutionising care in the canine community. On top of that, the brand-new ‘Podcast Camper’ will be travelling up and down the UK talking to everyone with a story to tell about dogs.

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Dawn Brown said that support from Chesterfield residents had helped her grow the business.

Dawn Brown, Founder of Rose Cottage Doggy Day Care and DogLand, said: “We are very excited to announce that we have been working towards our overall goal of franchising for the last three years - it’s been very much the goal since day one of starting this journey.

“We want to give other people the opportunity to work as we do by buying into our franchise model. The dream is very close to becoming a reality and we are excited to welcome new franchisees on board with our mission.

“I’m from Sheffield originally, but after moving to Chesterfield and starting a business, I found the local support invaluable to my success. I was nervous in the beginning as I was new to the area and new to the community, but everyone was so friendly and soon jumped on board with my mission and understood my vision.

“We support a number of local key workers with our services, giving them the peace of mind that their fur babies are cared for to a high standard when they are at work. Covid-19 was a very difficult time for small local businesses, however, because of the loyalty of my customers in my community, we withstood the pandemic.

“We learnt a lot about what our clients wanted and expected and we came out of the pandemic stronger than ever. Without local support this would not have been possible.”