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Own your own luxury holiday home – and it could also earn you money every month.

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Friday, 27th August 2021, 7:05 am
Luxury holiday homes for sale

Buy a luxury holiday home at Manor House Holiday Park and your holiday home could earn between £5,000 and £10,000 profit, per annum, equating to 6.5 per cent, for the first two years, depending on uptake.

Manor House Holiday Park’s luxury holiday homes currently earn up to £3,000 per month – meaning you could earn in excess of £24,000 gross per annum. There’s also an option to receive monthly up-front payments and a fully managed letting service.

Holiday let vs traditional buy-to-let

Fancy a holiday home by the River Trent?

Following recent changes in tax legislation for the traditional buy-to-market, owning a residential property is not as profitable as it was.

Moreover, the current political climate has contributed to falling house prices and lower rental returns.

This aggressive taxation does not apply to holiday home ownership which instead benefits from advantageous tax treatment as furnished holiday lets.

What’s more, tourism in the UK is booming and has been growing for the last decade, creating high returns for holiday home-owners.

Tourism in the UK is booming

Enjoy using and earning from your investment

Choosing to invest in a holiday home means not only do you avoid the hassle of tenants, you also own a property which you and your family can also enjoy.

Included in Manor House Holiday Park’s guaranteed return is six weeks for owners to enjoy their holiday home for themselves.

Unlike traditional buy-to-lets, a luxury holiday home in the heart of the countryside overlooking the River Trent is an investment you can truly enjoy and share with your family. Spend up to six weeks in your holiday home and you could still earn over £24,000 gross per year.

Holiday homes start from £19,995 -£105,000.

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