Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre announces re-opening plans – and reveals new rules all customers must follow

Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre has announced details of how it will welcome back shoppers following the easing of the Government’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The award-winning Sheffield shopping mall has remained partially open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with approximately 18 essential stores and services continuing to trade.

But with the government decision to allow all non-essential shops to start to re-open from June 15, the centre has unveiled details of how it will welcome customers back to its stores.

The centre has said the plans focus on providing customers with the “confidence to return to the centre” and include a range of measures aimed at ensuring “their visit works for everyone”, including staff and other members of the community.

Lee Greenwood, centre manager, said: “As a community we have made a great deal of progress in flattening the virus curve.

“Shopping safely, providing social distancing guidance and ensuring our centre is covid-secure is an essential part of the careful but deliberate steps that are being taken to rebuild our local economy.

“Many of our shoppers have experienced similar measures within essential stores so we are hopeful that our visitors understand what is required and follow the guidance in full.”

Measures include a ‘Keep Left’ system throughout the centre to maintain customer flow and enable customers to “social distance with ease” - retailers are also being encouraged to adapt a similar ‘Keep Left’ strategy in their stores.

Where appropriate the malls have been physically split down the middle with crossing points at strategic locations.

Entry to the centre will also be monitored to ensure capacities are within social distancing limits with both signage and audible messaging on the public address system supporting the changes.

If needed a section of the Crystal Peaks Bus Station will also be used for external queuing for the site’s busiest West Mall Entrance.

Tram and bus passengers will be encouraged to use the entrance closest to their destination shops to reduce the amount of queuing required.

Supermarket trollies will no longer be allowed to move between levels, freeing up space for customer movement and relieving pressure on lifts. Sainsbury’s customers are being asked to park in the Green car park.

“We take great pride in our level of cleaning and can assure visitors that the highest standards are being implemented across the centre,” said Lee.

“Our guidance is there to ensure that we protect our friends and family through these unprecedented times.

“If our customers are patient, considerate and respectful of the guidance we should be able to get back to business as usual as soon as possible.”

Washroom facilities will be available - including male and female toilets, disabled toilets and baby change rooms - on the lower mall adjacent to the escalators.

Some food and drink retailers will be open but for takeaway and delivery services only.

Not all stores will necessarily be open immediately, or may have reduced hours so visitors are asked to check with stores or the centre website before they make a special trip.

Hand sanitising stations will also be available throughout the centre.

For information on stores which are open visit