Church Wilne Rotary Club Speaker Evening: Chris Tew’s trip to the Antarctica

President Nigel welcomed Chris Tew to our speaker evening, talking about his recent trip to the Antarctic.
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He and Andrea travelled on the Viking Cruise Line, the ship carrying only 300 passengers but housed 20 Zodiacs (inflatable boats with outboard motors). Two Special Operations Boats and two 6 person submarines, which could dive to 1,000 feet.

The ship also had a laboratory where scientists studied water and seabed quality sending data to colleagues around the world.

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Chris and Andrea had access to the boats and submarine, they attended regular talks on the wildlife, conservation and the areas they visited.

The Team SubmergingThe Team Submerging
The Team Submerging

Crossing the “Drake Passage” where the Atlantic, Pacific & Antarctic Oceans collide was “interesting”, the ship battled 25 foot waves.

In Antarctica they saw lots of wildlife, including three types of penguins, Gentoo, Adelie & Chinstrap. Two types of whales, Finn and Humpbacks.

Icebergs where a stunning sight, parts of them are bright blue. As they melt, they get top heavy and can flip over.

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Chris & Andrea, consider themselves very fortunate to get the opportunity to visit the Antarctica.

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