Enjoy a private walk with a friendly alpaca, hold a rabbit, guinea pig or reptile, feed the meerkats, or round up a chicken for a cuddle and collect half a dozen eggs to take home with you. Go to www.astonspringsfarm.co.uk

Animal adventure days out for Derbyshire families to see all creatures great and small

Cute children and adorable animals – what could be a better combination for a great day out for Derbyshire families?

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 1:11 pm

Farm parks, wildlife centres and even a zoo are all within driving distance and none so far away that you won’t have time to enjoy them when you get there.

Emily Swain, owner of Aston Springs Farm, near Rotherham, said: “Aston Springs Farm provides the perfect opportunity to get out and about experiencing nature as well as life on the farm. There’s plenty to see and do with a vast array of farm animals from magnificent red deer, cheeky goats and cute meerkats. With plenty of picnic spots and play areas with a large sandpit, parents can relax and enjoy the scenery while their little ones play.”

Why not gather up your cheeky little monkeys and take your family for a great escape into the animal kingdom this summer?

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