MUSIC REVIEW: Revolutionary Mark Lilley

Mark LilleyMark Lilley
Mark Lilley
West End music is being revolutionised with guitars, synthesizers and drums.

This new era of musical songs may not be as bizarre as Richard O’Brien’s creation for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show&’ but it’s certainly raising the bar in terms of quality.

Mark Lilley’s self-titled album is a combination of sounds, vision and something else that just keeps enticing you into this world that he has created.

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Starting the story off is the instrumental ‘Meet Me On The Bandstand’, taking you into ‘Far Out Man’.

The track titles alone make you wonder where this journey is leading you - with ‘Cardboard Box’, a song about a broken girl - and ‘I Circled An Ad For Rehab’ which turns into an upbeat pop song.

The record fluctuates between songs and instrumentals such as ‘The Inner Sanctum’, which provides the eerie atmosphere for the dark moments in the mixed up story, ‘Wiseman’s Bridge’; and ‘The Projector Machine’s Magical Beam’ continue the orchestral soundtrack.

‘State Of The Art’, meanwhile, is an up-beat example of how well different instruments blend together to make this Pet Shop Boys style song.

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The album ends with ‘Umbrella’, which is certainly NOT a cover of pop princess Rihanna, but is packed with feeling that vibrates through the strings of his guitar.

Mark Lilley is an acquired taste, but an appreciation of a wide range of music will help you get the most out of it.

My advice is to read the lyrics first then stick this album on, and then realise this is one of the most creative songwriters and musicians you’ve ever come across...


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