Change comes as Sheffield indie trio become rock'n'roll quartet

The Harringtons.The Harringtons.
The Harringtons.
Up-and-coming Sheffield trio The Harringtons are now a quartet, having added a fourth member to help continue their success.

Fresh from the release of their debut EP Change is Gonna Come last year, guitarist Max Asquith has joined frontman Jack Shaw, bassist Brad Cartwright and drummer Jordan ‘Jud’ Watkin as they prepare for a mini spring tour - including a hometown show.

The four have been practising together for a while after knowing one an other from school – and Brad believes “it just blossomed into something special”.


Uncertainty over Sheffield park concerts

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And Jack say the extra person has had a “notable impact” on the group.

“I can’t even describe the difference it has made,” he says. “We went from being a punchy indie band to a wall of sound with a rock’n’roll force.”

Despite only being announced at the end of 2017, Max has already played with the band when he joined them for a song during their Paris gig at the end of their last tour.

Since the release of their EP back in July, it has been played in countries across the world, from Russia to Mexico, which Jack says, shows “music makes the world feel like a smaller place”.

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Most feedback on the four tracks has been positive, earning them a place on the BBC Introducing top-50 list, but they have also fallen foul of Twitter trolls.

Calling it “the breeding ground of idiots”, Max says: “If you start living your life on the opinions of others, then you aren’t you anymore.”

Jud adds: “If you buy a CD and don’t like it that’s fair enough, but going on the internet and just being offensive for no reason, that’s pointless.”

Looking forward, the foursome hope to release another single in the upcoming months.

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Jack says: We have plenty of new tracks that need polishing off.”

The band cite influences such as The Housemartins, The Smiths and The Stone Roses, as well as The Rolling Stones and Oasis.

Max says: “The Stones wrote the book on rock’n’roll and Oasis rewrote it.”

Jack adds: “It has fallen on our shoulders to rewrite it once again.”

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While a lot of bands may aspire just to support one of their heroes, comments such as that from Jack suggest The Harringtons are aiming straight for the top.
He says there is “no point” in having the goal of just being a support act, adding their attitude is “on a fine line between confidence and arrogance”.”

As for the future – Jack wants to release more music, the gigs to become bigger and him to grow taller.

He says: “I bought a pair of Doc Martens and the gigs are already starting to grow so we are well on our way to reaching those targets.”

The Harringtons play Record Junkee, Earl Street, on Saturday, March 17. For tickets, see

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