Derbyshire festival launch for indie-rock band Diamond Bridges' new album

An indie rock band will launch their new album at a Derbyshire festival.

Tuesday, 12th July 2022, 7:32 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th July 2022, 7:33 am
Diamond Bridges will play at ROM Fest in Crossley Park, Ripley, on Sunday, July 17.
Diamond Bridges will play at ROM Fest in Crossley Park, Ripley, on Sunday, July 17.

Diamond Bridges, whose members are Mick Wilson (vocals/drums), Ronald McFarlane (guitars) and Neil Fox, play at ROM Fest at Crossley Park, Ripley on Sunday, July 17, at 3pm.

Exclusive CD copies of their new 12-track album, titled Over You will be on sale during the afternoon for just £5.

Over You is the third album to be produced by the Nottingham/Derby based trio who write, record and perform their own music.

The album is available on all social media platforms, iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

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    The afternoon of original music forms part of Ripley Music Festival, a highlight which is the Party in the Park and Proms Night on Saturday, July 16. Performances in Crossley Park on Saturday include Sam Cutting (1pm start), Night Shift (2pm), Acoustic Hour featuring Billy Sharples, Rhysy Baby and Stuart Richardson (2.50pm), Shadows of a Silhouette (4pm), Buffet Panic (5pm), 3 Less Than 5 (6pm), Licksquid (7pm) and Newstead Brass (8.30pm). The evening ends with a firework display.

    An open mic night on Friday, July 14, will kick off a weekend of entertainment in Crossley Park. The local performers on Friday will include Jay Wetton (7pm start), Darren Claxton (7.20pm), Chris and Sue Rotherham (7.40pm), Richard Hallam (8pm), Ian Sallis (8.20pm), Stuart Boles (8.40pm).

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