Comedian Miles Jupp shares his tale of survival in new stand-up show touring to Derbyshire

MIles Jupp will be performing his new show On I Bang at Buxton Opera House on Feruary 6, 2023.MIles Jupp will be performing his new show On I Bang at Buxton Opera House on Feruary 6, 2023.
MIles Jupp will be performing his new show On I Bang at Buxton Opera House on Feruary 6, 2023.
Comedian Miles Jupp who had major surgery to remove a brain tumour is sharing his story of surprise, fear, luck, love and qualified medical practitioners.

HIs experiences have informed his new stand-up show, titled On I Bang, which is touring to Buxton Opera House on February 6, 2024.

Miles was filming the ITV series Trigger Point when he had a brain seizure in 2021. He said: “It felt like a bomb had gone off in my head. Luckily I was in a work environment which meant there was a medic on the set so they wrestled me into the appropriate position. It was only a day’s work, but taking that job might have saved my life.

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"I just started feeling very dizzy very quickly and there was some flashing of lights. I remember falling forward and then some people holding me down and then it’s just like a series of moments of consciousness. Next time I was in an ambulance and then I was in A&E at West Middlesex Hospital.”

Surgeons removed a tumour the size of a cherry tomato from his brain.

MIles said: “I found being in hospital, very uplifting, actually, partly because you’re just surrounded by people that are very caring. There must have been about five other people on that ward all in the same boat. So you don’t feel alone in that sense. It is scary. I can’t pretend that it isn’t.

“I started writing it down, not in a comedic way, but I thought it would be useful to have a record of it. Then I thought, I haven’t done a stand-up tour for six years. And I went to see Blur at Wembley and I just thought it’s great being in a crowd, isn’t it? I just thought I like this thing of a crowd enjoying a thing together so much. And I thought, yes, I should turn that thing into a show and do it.

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“I promise you there are lots of jokes. It’s not me moaning about unsatisfactory customer experience or something I’ve noticed about luggage. Hopefully it’s a pure piece of storytelling, with a beginning, a middle and an end.”

As an actor, comedian and writer, Miles’ work spans theatre, film, TV, radio, books and stand up. He recently starred in the Disney+ series The Full Monty and can soon be seen in the Belgravia sequel.

In comedy mode the former host of The News Quiz has appeared on shows including Frankie Boyle’s New World Order and Have I Got News For You.

His film roles include Ridley Scott’s recent epic Napoleon, Misbehaviour, The Man Who Invented Christmas and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Tickets cost £26 to see On I Bang, which is suitable for 16+ years. Book at call 01298 72190.