Chesterfield driver joins Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy at unique Gymkhana event

Chesterfield rally driver Rhys Yates.Chesterfield rally driver Rhys Yates.
Chesterfield rally driver Rhys Yates.
Chesterfield rally driver Rhys Yates is to link up with Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy when he makes his debut at the unique Gymkhana GRID event in Warsaw, Poland.

Gymkhana GRID is the brainchild of Ken Block, a professional driver from the USA who has also competed in many other action sports, such as skateboardfing, snowboarding and motocross.

The idea behind it is to drive through a course, completing a series of 360-degree spins, drifts and donuts, and usually in an arena where drivers go head to head.

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Yates and former cyclist Hoy, a six-time Olympic champion, will both hire and drive Hyundai i20 R5s in Warsaw this Saturday. And the 27-year-old driver admits the event will be a huge step into the unknown for him.

He said: “I’ve never competed at Gymkhana GRID before, never been to Poland and never driven a Hyundai in competition. It’s going to be interesting!

“It’s one of the coolest forms of motorsport. Think Gymkhana with horses and you’re on the right lines, except that we go a lot faster and use the handbrake a lot more.”

Competing alongside Hoy adds even more excitement to the challenge for Yates. He added: “He is a legend, and the chance to share information and work with an elite athlete who has made such a successful transition to motorsport is really special for me. He’s known for what he’s done on a bike, but he’s also competed at Le Mans.”

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