Furious Woking manager hits out 'selfish' unvaccinated players ahead of rearranged Chesterfield clash

Woking manager Alan Dowson.Woking manager Alan Dowson.
Woking manager Alan Dowson.
Furious Woking manager Alan Dowson has slammed some of his ‘selfish’ players for not getting their Covid jabs and says he won’t sign anyone else who is not vaccinated.

Chesterfield were set to play Woking on September 18 but the match was postponed after a Cards player tested positive.

The match against the Spireites would have gone ahead if more Woking players had had their jabs but instead those who were unvaccinated had to self-isolate for 10 days.

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Alan Dowson’s men returned to action against Eastleigh on Saturday and the game against Town has been rearranged for tomorrow night.

“I have tried to put it across to the players how important it is to have the jabs because of the industry we are in,” Dowson told Surrey Live. “They are being selfish. They have to think about the club and the team, rather than us losing £20,000 or £30,000 a game. They’ve got to get the jabs it’s as simple as that. Some of them are saying it’s about pleasing families but the families aren’t paying their wages, we are.

“They are off for 10 days and they still want paying. I think there should be a rule in football that if they won’t have a jab, they shouldn’t play.

“I’m usually a fair man but I don’t believe footballers should get paid if they can’t be double-jabbed. They are putting everybody at risk. They are only thinking about themselves.

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“Chesterfield would have brought 1,000 fans down on a Saturday at £20 and that’s £20,000 before you start, instead of bringing 200 or 300 down on Tuesday. The players have cost the club money.”

Dowson added: “I wish I had known at the start of the season because I would never have signed a player again who hasn’t had the vaccine.”

“For away games they (players not vaccinated) will have to make their own way to games, they are not going to be allowed on the coach, they will be a group by themselves. If they are going to be selfish in their own little world, they can do their own thing. What choice have I got?”