Danny Webb 'happy' to 'hold the fort' until there is further clarity on James Rowe situation

First-team coach Danny Webb says he is ‘happy’ to continue to ‘hold the fort’ while the situation with James Rowe is ongoing.

By Liam Norcliffe
Friday, 4th February 2022, 9:58 am
First-team coach Danny Webb.
First-team coach Danny Webb.

Rowe was suspended last week pending an investigation into misconduct allegations.

Webb took charge of Chesterfield’s win at Eastleigh and he will do the same again on Saturday at home to Dagenham and Redbridge.

"I have been asked to do something from day-to-day and I have been happy to help the club out,” Webb said.

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"In terms of the situation, there is no answer I can give you at the moment.

"I have just been trying to hold the fort best I can day-to-day.

"The supporters want some clarity but I think it is very hard to give that at the moment for obvious reasons.

“Is it a normal, easy situation for me and the others to be in? No. Have we cracked on and given it our absolute best shot for the club and supporters? 100 per cent, yes. I can only say we will continue to do that and I will continue to do that from day-to-day while the club goes through processes and decides what they want to do going forward. I am happy to hold the fort until maybe I return to my normal role.”

He added: "It has been a tough time for everyone, an unusual time for everyone."

Webb said that there have been no talks about him continuing the role until the end of the season.

He also repeated his comments from last week on transfers.

He explained: "I have had no contact with the board regarding ins and outs. I don’t think that was a massive priority for them, at the moment. As I am sure everyone would understand, there are probably bigger things going on and bigger questions that people would like answering, especially supporters, and rightly so.

"As much as I am stepping up to the plate and being asked to do a role I did not sort of sign up for, I am happy to do so, but that is as far as it goes at the moment with taking training and trying to set the boys up best I can to help us win a game of football.”