There’s never a better time to exercise

Whilst there have never been more opportunities to exercise, eat and sleep well, there also have never been as many roadblocks to prevent us from taking care of ourselves in such challenging times for most.

Now is a great time to exercise and keep fit and healthy.
Now is a great time to exercise and keep fit and healthy.

There’s been a real shift for the better as we all know the importance of building mind and body fitness as a key to boosting our immunity, building strength and maintaining optimum mental and physical health. But just how do we do it now with the additional stress of school, gym and business closures? How do we set ourselves up to ‘win’ at home?

First focus on you! Stop comparing yourself and make an honest inventory on what your triggers and hurdles are when it comes to exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Whilst these may be deemed as purely “excuses,” there’s normally more of a backstory to our roadblocks.

But the good news is focusing on our wellbeing, actually will save us time, money, give us more strength to assist others and most of all boost our self-esteem, lower our stress levels and give us that inner security we need more than ever, to sustain our health.

Once you’ve noted down your hurdles, next jot down what opportunities are present to you at the moment e.g. Are you saving time and money on the daily commute? Are you able to cook from scratch more? Do you have more time on your own, so you can exercise when suits you? Could you build in new healthy habits such as dressing in activewear as soon as you wake up?

I am a big believer in starting small by making gradual changes, setting daily wins (process goals) such as 10-30 minutes of movement a day at home or outdoors, and creating your work and living space so that it inspires you to focus.

If you struggle to overcome a roadblock, don’t be afraid to ask for help and support too. I love the power of accountability and such support, especially when you are at the start of your feel-good fitness journey. It helps to motivate you to ‘show up’ even if to begin with you just think: “well I don’t want to let my coach down.”

Eventually you will love how powerful self-care makes you feel and you will actually crave that nutritious meal.