'˜The rot has simply got to stop and Chesterfield FC must win'

Chesterfield FC v Leyton Orient, Jerome Binnom-WilliamsChesterfield FC v Leyton Orient, Jerome Binnom-Williams
Chesterfield FC v Leyton Orient, Jerome Binnom-Williams
It certainly is proving to be a great season so far for fans of statistics.

Chesterfield managed to equal a club record on Saturday with five straight defeats - the club has managed to trawl these depths twice in its history so far, between the dates of 29/10/60 to 26/12/60; and 15/2/2006 to 1/4/2006.

However, since these achievements were actually in the Football League, it can be argued that this is the worst run in the club’s history.

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Martin Allen says we can’t win the league now and few would disagree with him as the club have now plummeted to 16th in the National League.

I can barely drag myself to look at the table on Sunday mornings, so what’s gone wrong?

Looking back at the Orient game, in the end it’s the same old story; we concede a late goal and lose.

I hate to say it but our centre back of Nelson and Evans pairing was caught out four times in the game, once in the first half when Orient had a free header and from three crosses in the second half, the final one resulting in the goal.

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Even when Dayton scored, had only one of our back four dashed out to make a block he would not have had time to pick his spot.

Chesterfield should have gone in at half time two or three goals to the good, if only we had someone who could stick the ball away. Ugwu, Hines and Binnon-Williams all had good chances, the Orient defence was rocking and it looked as if a goal was bound to come, as we were playing good stuff, just missing the vital last touch.

Even in the second half the Blues weren’t as dominant but still looked the better bet for the win, Binnon-Wiliams hitting the post with free kick, and then later losing confidence to shoot when clean through.

Fortune who should do better had a great chance on the right to thrash in a shot but delayed and had the ball taken off his toe.

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The fans online agree that without Carter and Wedgbury the team is only a shadow of the side it was for the first three matches, apart from that it’s a question of how to stop conceding late and take it from there.

Anyway it’s onto the next challenge of Boreham Wood away on Tuesday where the rot has simply got to stop and we must win.