'Stranger things have happened' - could star man Kabongo Tshimanga make a surprise return for Chesterfield this season?

Kabongo Tshimanga has a ‘very slim’ chance of playing for Chesterfield again this season – but the possibility of him returning can’t be ‘ruled out’ completely.

By Liam Norcliffe
Monday, 21st March 2022, 12:38 pm

The National League top goalscorer suffered a fractured leg and dislocated ankle against Weymouth in mid-February.

The striker had scored 24 goals in 27 appearances before his devastating injury.

Asked by the DT what his chances of playing again this season are, Spireites coach Danny Webb said: "I think at the moment I would say very slim, but stranger things have happened.

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Kabongo Tshimanga scored 24 goals this season before his injury.

"Sometimes you think lads are going to be back within weeks and they are back in months. Sometimes you think players are going to be back in months and they are back in weeks. He won’t be back in weeks but you never know.

"I would say there is much more chance of him not playing a part, sadly. But there is a chance that the rehab goes great, he makes a miraculous recovery and he kicks on so I would not rule that out.”

The regular National League season ends on May 15 but Chesterfield’s season could be extended into June if they take part in the play-offs.

Tshimanga is now back in the gym working with the physio after spending some time with his family and recovering mentally.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel,” Webb said.

"Don’t ask me about a timescale specifically but stranger things have happened with players coming back sooner than later but we have got to make sure that if it is towards the end of the season or into the play-offs, if we are in the play-offs, we can’t be tempted to make him run before he can walk because there is nothing worse than having another setback. We have had too many of them at this club.

"He is raring to go whether it be this season or the start of next season.

"Sooner rather than later he is getting the big boot off his leg and then he can start walking properly again, light jogging, then in comes the ball work and full training, so that does not happen overnight.