Staveley MW to meet to discuss plan of attack when it is safe to do so

Boss Brett Marshall will meet with his players when it is safe to do so to discuss Staveley’s plan of attack in the coming months.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 1:18 pm
Brett Marshall and Staveley's players are yet to decide their next step.
Brett Marshall and Staveley's players are yet to decide their next step.

Clubs across the region hope to take part in various friendly tournaments to keep football going until the new pre-season begins in the summer.

But Marshall is unsure of the viability of tournaments if fans are not allowed in as well as what the priority will be for players.

“We might as well train and play friendlies if we can’t have fans,” he said. “It is the fans who want to watch football that you have got to think about.

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“We are not sure what we are doing. It just seems like it was at the start of the season where people are just desperate to get the game going.

“Who is going to pay for the tournaments if we can’t have fans? There are a lot of expenses to pay for such as the referees. People don’t think about that.

“What are you playing for if it isn’t for the fans? As much as people want to play, it is no good in empty grounds.

“Let’s take a breath here. There is a lot more going on than lads playing football.

“People have their jobs and lives to think about. We will meet when we can to see what the plan is and how we go forward.

“People want to get their lives back on. People who are self-employed may need to work on a Saturday to pull a bit of money back in and not be available for pre-season games.

“My number one priority is not football, it is my family and my work.”

Staveley managed to play just six league games last season with Marshall hoping normal service will be resumed next season.

“Last season was a joke and a waste of time,” said Marshall. “ All I want is for the new season to start in August and there to be no hold ups and we just carry on for a normal season with a proper pre-season.

“I am delighted that it seems to be coming to an end. I am really happy that we looked like we could have had a good season.

“Our new facilities are brilliant and I just want to get started and get playing, but I want to get playing when it is no holds barred and we can just carry on playing.”