Starting today, Chesterfield squad have clean slate and chance to impress

Starting today, Chesterfield's current squad will have a clean slate and the chance to impress new manager Jack Lester.
New Chesterfield FC manager Jack LesterNew Chesterfield FC manager Jack Lester
New Chesterfield FC manager Jack Lester

The club legend returned to the Proact yesterday as first team boss and although he inherits a squad who sit second bottom of the Football League, he has promised to show loyalty to the players.

“I think you have to give the players here a chance,” he said.

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“It might be they produce performances that mean they play every week and I’ve got to be loyal to them and give them opportunities to be the main man.”

Lester’s Town side face Cheltenham at home, a side who haven’t won away since February.

The Robins enjoyed a 3-0 win over Mansfield in midweek but the new gaffer isn’t too keen to focus on the visitors.

“They’re organised, they have a couple of shapes they go to, they’re quite good on set pieces,” he said.

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“We’re looking at ourselves tomorrow. I think you can overdo it with the opposition.

“We want to get ourselves going so that teams start to worry about us.”

And the result will have little bearing on Lester’s plans: “We might win tomorrow, we might lose tomorrow, it won’t be affecting what we’re going to be doing down the line.

“I’m not going to guarantee anything tomorrow, we’ll be set up and aggressive to try and win the game but you’re not really going to be able to see the identity I’m talking about for quite a while.”

Lester is without Zak Jules (hamstring), pictured, but Joe Rowley (shoulder) may return.