Selston boss feels frustration of no football

Selston boss Karl Steed is perhaps feeling the frustration of no football more than most.
Selston got their first point of the season in a 3-3 draw against Highgate United.Selston got their first point of the season in a 3-3 draw against Highgate United.
Selston got their first point of the season in a 3-3 draw against Highgate United.

Steed was only able to manage one game for the Parishioners after taking over from Carl Moore before the EMCFL was suspended before Christmas.

And, with Lockdown III set to drag on until perhaps March, it looks like Steed will now have to wait months before showing what he can do.

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“I have not had a chance to show what I can do since picking it back up,” he said.

“I was positive, the lads were positive. I had brought some new players in to strengthen us for when we kicked off again.

“I am not saying we would have picked up loads of points but it would definitely have improved us in the areas we were struggling in, to keep goals out and to score goals.

“I was just really positive moving forward. It gave us a new lease of life.

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“I felt things were going to be different so it is very disappointing.”

Steed admits the mood in the camp is now understandably low with the prospect of no competitive football for a number of months.

“There is talk of Carlton Town organising a tournament for Nottinghamshire teams, so we will have to try and get involved in that if it is allowed to happen,” he said.

“Seven months of non competitive games is frustrating and you don’t know if the lads will lose the appetite.

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“We are all in the same boat, but I can understand the frustration for teams who have been paying out money and those teams at the top end who are wanting to kick on. It is dead money.”

Selston sat bottom of the table when the season was suspended having failed to win a match this season.

It would be the second season in a row that they have propped up the table after struggling to adjust to life at their new level.

“It has been stop start and I don’t think the season will start again,” said Steed. “In our position null and void is a best case scenario.

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“We want to get out of the situation on our own merit though. We are not in control of the circumstances.

“It is frustrating for us all, whether you are top or bottom you just want to be playing football.”​​​​​​​

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