Chesterfield manager James Rowe wants 'total trust' in his decision-making with more 'upheaval' expected

Boss James Rowe says there needs to be ‘total trust’ in his decision-making with ‘far more upheaval’ set to take place before the start of the season.

By Liam Norcliffe
Friday, 9th July 2021, 11:14 am

In the last few weeks players Tom Whelan and Grant Smith and chief scout Paul Lemon have all left.

More changes appear to be on the horizon but the manager is keen for things to calm down going forward.

“I am not afraid to make the big calls because the big calls are needed at times, but hopefully it will be more settled when the season starts,” he told the DT.

Town manager James Rowe.

"I want to make sure there is not as much turnover of staff and players, we need consistency next year and hopefully we will have a bit more luck with injuries which will mean we won’t have to change things around like we had to do at the back end of last year.”

Rowe has made sweeping changes with only Laurence Maguire, Haydn Hollis, Curtis Weston, Joe Rowley, Liam Mandeville, Nathan Tyson and Tom Denton remaining at the club since he was appointed last November.

“We have to remember that when I came in those 21 players that I inherited got us into 23rd place after nine games, which is a good chunk of the season, and the previous two years the team has not performed anywhere near where a Chesterfield team needs to perform so these changes and this turnover is still finding the right path for a brighter future for the club,” he explained.

“It is not easy making these calls but it is only in the best interests of the club and I am sure when the season kicks off there will be far more upheaval, far more turnovers.”

He added: "I was under no illusion when I walked in the building in November. I knew the upturn in culture that was needed and we are not going to get everything right, it is impossible to get every decision right.

"However, you have got to learn as you go along the journey and we are learning as a club.

"We have to focus on the good things that have gone on and not the small little blips and the turnover that is happening.

"We need total trust and confidence in my decision-making.”