ROLAND GENT COLUMN: Spireites fans left pondering - whatever next?

Another Saturday, another formation tried, by another manager and another defeat, this time at home to an average Wycombe side described as 'Dad's Army' on Football Focus at midday.

Monday, 30th April 2018, 11:37 am
Updated Monday, 30th April 2018, 11:41 am
What next at the Proact?

So just the occasional question to ask, who is going to buy the club and do they really exist? Who is going to be the manager? Which of our players are going to be here next season? And how many of them would please like to leave?

It’s fair to say that with being the worst team in England and things going less than well behind the scenes, some of our fans are a little less than chuffed with the situation.

Although, just to prove that our fans have a gallows sense of humour, the Player of the Season award has been pulled because too many of our fans deliberately voted online for the “wrong” player. Rumour has it that Chris O’Grady was voted for too many times by keyboard warriors who were having a laugh at the club’s expense. Personally I wanted to vote for the Pilot of the Air Ambulance who put on the best performance on the pitch at the Proact this season.

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In defence of O’Grady, who is a respected player in the game, he can’t have known what sort of a car crash of a club he was walking into, being announced that he was the club’s highest ever paid player wasn’t exactly a smart move to begin with, and the rest of Guy Branston’s recruitment was even worse. Hopefully most of our players’ agents will be finding them new clubs, as it will save the new manager the task of ringing them to tell them they aren’t good enough.

According to sources at the club, players have to leave, as the forthcoming budget is only enough to cover the ones we already have and this side is so lightweight it would struggle in the National League. Hopefully the club can sell Kristian Dennis and keep Rowley, Smith, Talbot, Whitmore, McGuire and Evatt.

Apparently Ashley Carson is this time being guided by a respected ex-player in his quest to find a new manager, which is nice, because that means previously he must have been doing it by guesswork.