Proposed National League North and South merger league would be open to Reds

Plans for a National League North and South merger league are still on the table, and Alfreton Town could still be eligible to take part.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 3:10 pm
The Reds would have the option to play on. Photo: Oliver Atkin

Anthony Hughes, an FA Council and Alliance Committee representative, believes that governing bodies are 'doing extraordinary things just to get football being played' - and won't rule out a proposed mini league going ahead.

Eighteen clubs who launched the Let Us Play campaign after clubs voted to null and void the season which has led to teams from the two regional divisions putting forward plans to merge for a one-off league.

This would include two promotion places, one automatic and another via play-offs.

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Alfreton were not among the sides behind the campaign, but it is also understood that other clubs - including those who voted to axe the season - could still be entitled to enter.

"We are in extraordinary times and we are taking extraordinary decisions, so our mantle has always been over the last 12 months that we can't take anything off the table," Mr Hughes told the BBC's Non-League Show.

"That doesn't mean it's going to happen, but I think if you said to me two years ago about this happening I'd have laughed.

"If you said to me now 'could this happen?' then I think its possible.

"We are doing extraordinary things just to get football being played and we are making decisions we never dreamt we would make.”

Mr Hughes reiterated there would be no promotions from steps three and no relegations from step two.