OPINION: What does talk of a director of football mean for Jack Lester?

Looking at both ends of the league table makes a sorry sight and a sobering thought on how to run a football club.

Friday, 20th April 2018, 11:02 am
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 11:06 am
Picture Andrew Roe/AHPIX LTD, Football, EFL Sky Bet League Two, Chesterfield v Mansfield Town, Proact Stadium, 14/04/18, K.O 1pm Chesterfield's manager Jack Lester Andrew Roe>>>>>>>07826527594

Nobody said it was ever an easy thing to do, but when it goes well you take the credit and when it goes pear shaped you should be big enough to take the flak.

Accrington Stanley are up and should be worthy champions and may proudly display the trophy at the Wham stadium and no doubt dine out on an McDonalds takeaway and £1 pint from their pub.

Meanwhile at the Proact maybe the players could run out to the Death March or maybe It’s Over by Roy Orbison might be more appropriate.

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How did Accy do it with their limited budget of £15k per week to run the club and a massive crowd of over 3,000 to see them make it to League One?

Well their manager John Coleman certainly knows how to pick a player and fit them into a simple system that works. They play 442, with an excellent right winger, two decent forwards and a team that works hard.

Our financially lop-sided team was initially recruited by Guy Branston and Gary Caldwell and despite recent additions still can’t fit into any formation, so we are at the bottom of the table.

Meanwhile our esteemed leader Ashley “promotion is the only option” Carson has said that Jack Lester is to stay at the Proact even if we get relegated and he’s even admitted that there have been some mistakes at board level.

I’ve lost count of how many mistakes have been made in the last four years, perhaps there’s someone out there who could compile a full list? Or just the Top 20 chart rundown of off-field mess-ups would do.

Of course many fans would like the club to be sold.

The ominous thing for Jack Lester is that Ashley Carson has said that there’s an interested consortium who want to buy Chesterfield.

They’ve shaken hands but no deal is finalised. They speak regularly and have already appointed a director of football, if nothing is finalised by the final whistle of the season then the club will walk away from the deal.

That’s fair enough, but if they do take over and already have a director of football in place, does that mean the end for Jack Lester?