OPINION: Chesterfield board must get new appointment and structure right

The Chesterfield board of directors need to seriously look at the '˜manager selection process' before moving forward with the next appointment.

Gary Caldwell
Gary Caldwell

To reduce risk, it must be made clear to the new manager that he will not be allowed to bring in his assistant, trainer, goalkeeping coach etc.

These key positions should be formed of a hardcore of experienced, flexible and permanent staff, who operate to basic football principles and have no allegiance to any one person or tactical belief.

This ensures that if the ‘new appointment’ does not succeed then we do not incur a full management change, hopefully keeping some continuity at the club.

With the extensive list of unemployed managers available, the club is in a good position to offer terms that reduce risk to the club and enable us to offer a trial period.

Any manager looking to prove himself should take up the trial offer without conditions.

This would be a key pledge by the new manager that the job is a two way commitment.

Finally, there is a critical selection element that must be considered before any appointment.

The man-management skills of the new appointment are paramount, particularly with such a diverse range of players, media involvement and supporters.

Charisma, enthusiasm, positive/negative honesty must be a natural part of the individual’s character.

Supporters need to hear, see and feel his passion.

Failure will result in another Gary Caldwell appointment scenario and the current league position will not allow another mistake.