"Let's hope we have a club left come April', says our Chesterfield FC fan writer

Another week and a fifth home defeat on the trot.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 3:59 pm

I remember the heady days of two months ago when it looked as though Chesterfield FC had turned it round and beat Notts County at home in front of the television cameras.

Still, it didn't matter if you went to the game on Saturday against the same opposition or boycotted it, we lost with a crushing inevitability.

Chesterfield are infuriating as they can sometimes actually play a bit, albeit for 45 minutes maximum, after which it appears the opposition step things up and out work The Blues leading to a usual mistake and a goal or two conceded and we all know the rest.

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Players must be fairly bewildered and the notion of playing for the shirt must have long gone out of the window since the team changes round more times than the Wheel of Fortune and there’s simply no blend to the side.

Fans are wondering what's gone wrong with John Sheridan.

He doesn't even do the post-match interviews.

This week former Spireites player Charlie Williamson, the chief scout, met the media and did the talking.

Chesterfield were knocked out of the FA Trophy on Saturday after a 1-0 home defeat to Notts County.

Apparantly we lack a cutting edge, which is fairly obvious if you don't play your two best strikers and bring on the completely ineffective Jack McKay who gets brushed off the ball with ease.

It's getting so bad that fans are actually joking about who will do the post-match interview after the next defeat.

Mascot Chester The Field Mouse is currently attracting strong betting.

The oppostion manager being asked to double up and do both interviews is also a contender, with the tea lady being worth a punt on current form.

In terms of if and when anyone would take over the club, let’s hope whoever it might be has some kind of magic wand to get the biggest earners at the Proact off the wage bill.

It isn't taking over the club that would be the sticking point, but the cost of running the place week-to-week when there’s little income coming in.

Whichever way you cut the situation at the Proact it looks pretty dire financially, here's hoping we have a club left come April.

By Roland Gent