Lester takes the blame for Spireites' impending relegation

Chesterfield's relegation to the National League was all but confirmed today and boss Jack Lester says the blame lies with him.

Saturday, 21st April 2018, 7:15 pm
Updated Saturday, 21st April 2018, 7:21 pm
Jack Lester has words with Joe Rowley after substituting the youngster at Forest Green.
Jack Lester has words with Joe Rowley after substituting the youngster at Forest Green.

The manager, appointed at the end of September, cut a dejected figure after the 4-1 defeat at Forest Green Rovers.

His side are nine points away from safety with three games remaining but will not be able to overturn their goal difference deficit.

Lester was, once again, bemoaning his team's inability to take chances - the post twice denying Town at a time when the game was there for the taking.

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He said the responsibility was his, however.

"It's not all about today, is it, but the game should be dead, we should be two or three ahead in the first half and then at 1-1 we miss from two yards away or however far out it was and they go up the other end and score.

"That's been pretty much it, not good enough in both boxes.

"I take full responsibility for that.

"At the minute I think (the blame) is with me. I've had enough time to sort this out, I had a very good start and the only thing is we've had a lot of injuries but it's still on my head to sort it. It's my responsibility and I'll take that."

Lester didn't want to talk about his own future after the match, insisting whatever happens next is down to the club.

"Whatever happens at this club, I'm sure they'll come back.

"It's not really down to me, is it?

"I don't think it's today to talk about myself to be honest.

"I've been in the driving seat when it's gone down so whatever decision the club makes, we'll wait and see.

"It's just shocking. I'm so sad about it."

Lester called relegation 'disgraceful' for Chesterfield but says giving up is not the answer to the club's problems.

"There's lots of teams who have gone down, rebuilt and come back stronger for it.

"Look at Lincoln.

"It's not the end of the world, it's the fifth tier but it's not good enough for a team like Chesterfield.

"No one is accepting it, it's disgraceful really that it's come to this but it has.

"You can't just give up because of what's gone on."