Latest betting odds on Chesterfield causing major FA Cup upset against Chelsea

If Chesterfield somehow manage to beat Chelsea on Saturday it would be the greatest FA Cup shock in history and one of the biggest sporting upsets of all time.

By Liam Norcliffe
Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 12:20 pm
6,000 Chesterfield fans will be at Stamford Bridge.

And it fair to say the bookies see it that way as well, with the latest odds giving them next to no chance of winning at Stamford Bridge.

For example, you can get much shorter odds on Chelsea winning 8-0 (40/1) than you can on the Spireites winning 1-0 (100/1).

Kabongo Tshimanga, who has scored 19 goals for Town this season, is equally as likely to score first as Chelsea’s young defender Trevor Chalobah, according to one bookmaker (20/1).

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There’s still a few days to go until the big kick-off, but here are the latest odds we have picked out:


Winner in 90 minutes:

Chelsea 1/40

Chesterfield: 40/1

Draw: 14/1

Winner of overall tie:

Chelsea: 1/250

Chesterfield: 33/1


Chesterfield to win: 150/1

Chelsea to win: 18/1


Chesterfield to win: 80/1

Chelsea to win: 80/1


Chesterfield to win 1-0: 100/1

Chesterfield to win 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1: 50/1

Chelsea to win 5-0: 8/1

Chelsea to win 8-0: 40/1


Winner in 90 minutes:

Chelsea: 1/33

Chesterfield: 401/

Draw: 12/1


Chelsea: 19/1

Chesterfield: 325/1


Chelsea: 70/1

Chesterfield: 90/1

Either team: 40/1

Correct score:

Chesterfield to win 1-0: 100/1

Chesterfield to win 2-1: 100/1

Chelsea to win 1-0: 10/1

Chelsea to win: 5-1: 13/1

Chelsea to win: 10-0: 200/1


Chesterfield first goalscorer:

Kabongo Tshimanga: 20/1

Akwasi Asante 20/1

Stefan Payne: 22/1

Nathan Tyson 25/1

Liam Mandeville: 33/1

Jeff King: 40/1

Saidou Khan: 40/1

Manny Oyeleke 50/1

Curtis Weston: 50/1

Alex Whittle: 80/1

Gavin Gunning: 80/1

Calvin Miller: 80/1

Fraser Kerr: 100/1

Jamie Grimes: 100/1