COLUMN: Football is a funny old world . . . especially when you support Chesterfield

I am usually asked 'What team do you support?' when I say 'Chesterfield' I'm usually met by a cry of 'They're rubbish, who are they? I support Chelsea.

Sunday, 29th January 2017, 8:41 am
Updated Sunday, 29th January 2017, 8:51 am
Jay O'Shea celebrates after giving Spirites the lead at MK Dons

Anyway what division are they in?” It’s tedious but you get used to it.

Before the Coventry game I went to the pub, bumped into couple of friends who were talking about who would win in the “Nissan Super Sunday” Man United v Liverpool match the next day, one of them “supports” either team.

They’d be watching it on telly. I asked them if they were going to the Proact, they shook their heads, they’d not be wasting their time, they support big teams.

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I was asked “How come Coventry are in’t same division as Town?” after all Coventry are a big team aren’t they? Coventry are a financial basket case, that’s how.

Gary Neville was on SKY TV, previewing the Nissan match, says that Man United used to try to influence the referee by crowding him and telling him he was wrong, especially in this fixture. The more you told the ref he was wrong, eventually he’d give you a decision.

In a parallel financial universe, our ex manager John Sheridan was recently sacked by Notts County.

In a referee’s report he abused the ref and threatened to knock out the fourth official. He clearly wasn’t much good at influencing football officials.

I’d like to see John Sheridan as a Roger Mellie-esque panellist on TV, purely so he could abuse Gary Neville.

To the match, I had almost given up in despair when we lost away at Port Vale. Port Vale is not a place, but we lost to it.

Dan Gardner looked to be on his way out, but he’s scored the winner and is now our midfield playmaker, who’d have thought it? After the game Cov’s new manager Russell Slade says their offside “goal” was legit. Picture a man clutching at a bag with no straws left in it.

Outside afterwards, there were some Coventry fans protesting, waving a banner demanding their owners leave the club, I feel sorry for them, they have no hope, although I’m not quite sure who owns Chesterfield at the moment.

Coventry City are owned by SISU a London based hedge fund. Some suggest ISIS would show more pity to the team they own.

The outside of the Ricoh arena, where Cov play, boasts it’s the home of egg ball chasers Wasps who also play at the stadium.

The result sends Coventry rock bottom. I went back to the pub.

I’m asked who will win on Sunday? Man Yoo or Liva’pewl?

Easy answer….. “Nissan”