Column: Allen's actions pull focus but questions remain over running of Chesterfield FC

A bluff, brinksmanship or a boardroom battle '“ call this week's events what you will but they only served to add new questions to the list facing Chesterfield FC.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 8:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:12 pm
Dave Allen flanked by his fellow directors, CEO Chris Turner and manager Danny Wilson at the Chesterfield AGM, shortly before he resigned
Dave Allen flanked by his fellow directors, CEO Chris Turner and manager Danny Wilson at the Chesterfield AGM, shortly before he resigned

Delivering his resignation allowed majority shareholder Dave Allen to neatly sidestep a potentially fractious AGM and a rather public inquiry into the running of affairs at the Proact.

Of course his actions have dominated every waking minute since, but the questions fans were so desperate to ask still remain – they’ve just fallen into line behind more urgent queries.

At the forefront of everyone’s mind is the question over Town’s immediate future – what happens now?

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There was little point speculating on Monday night because it was plain for all to see that no one in the Proact function room had any idea how to answer that.

The only man who might have any answers had left after vowing not to comment further.

If any of Allen’s fellow directors had any inkling he was planning to resign, they did an Oscar-winning job of feigning shock and confusion.

Perhaps there were those at the top table breathing a little sigh of relief as they trooped out of the room, questions over the running of the club remaining unanswered, much to the chagrin of many shareholders.

Why has Allen needed to continue pumping in such large amounts of cash?

Why will they run at a shortfall of £1.5m this year?

Would Allen continue to show faith in those in charge of another of his firms, had it endured a similarly prolonged problematic spell?

Attendances falling, revenue streams underperforming, negative headlines in the national press, a raffle scandal, rock bottom in League One and yet heads have not rolled.

Those things all become secondary concerns now as the club’s future becomes the foremost challenge.

They’ll sit in the background and float to the surface again however unless they’re properly addressed once a way forward is agreed.

Allen’s dramatic exit has put the ball in the remaining directors’ court – it’s their move.

What the owner wants from them is as yet unknown.

Someone in the boardroom on Monday wouldn’t play ball for whatever reason and maybe Allen decided to test their resolve.

Or maybe he simply decided enough is enough, I’ve put my millions in, I’ve taken flak and I don’t need it anymore.

With the club’s reserves of cash expected to run out before long, we surely won’t have long to wait for the next episode in this 150-year-old drama.