Chesterfield fans writer asks who is in charge at Chesterfield off the pitch?

It has been a torrid time watching Chesterfield for the last four years, but Wrexham’s own goal by Michael Chambers, which handed us all three points on Tuesday night, had me laughing all the way home.

Sunday, 20th October 2019, 5:29 pm
Chesterfield FC v Wrexham, Mike Fondop scores

The Blues didn’t create much at the Racecourse, but they didn’t really need to, as just keeping their shape in defence limited their Welsh opponents to the long ball, which was dealt with quite easily for the most part.

We should have beaten them again on Saturday in the FA Cup, but the injury to Sam Wedgbury meant that Chesterfield’s play dipped a little and the gamble of using three substitutes at the same time by Dean Keates gave Wrexham a bit more energy.

Mark Crossley said we should have won it, and we would have if Spyrou had converted right at the end. Given the choice between the League or the Cup though, I’d take three points over Wrexham any day.

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Michael Fondop (Saturday’s scorer) hasn’t made himself popular with his former employers, suggesting their fans gave him a pitiful reception at the Proact.

Wrexham’s online fans forum has gone into a squabble fest over that one, with people suggesting that he’s no good and has a bad attitude. But eight goals in 14 appearances tells its own story and it’s precisely what you’d want from a striker.

Despite things on the pitch showing a slow but steady improvement, by asking player to fit into positions which they can actually play in, things keep taking turns for the bizarre off the field.

Who is actually running Chesterfield FC these days? Chief executive Graham Bean has left, presumably leaving Ashley Carson in charge of affairs.

We were led to believe that Carson had resigned his position and put Bean in charge, presumably to deflect the ire of supporters.

But now Bean has gone and no reason has been given by the club, apart from “budget cutting.”

And associate director Alison Richardson has also resigned.

Who is in charge?