Chesterfield AGM: Local businessmen to invest £1m into club | Spireites in 'negotiations' about new signings before deadline

Chesterfield’s AGM takes place at the Technique Stadium tonight (7.30pm).

By Liam Norcliffe
Wednesday, 23rd March 2022, 8:46 pm
Chesterfield's AGM takes place tonight.
Chesterfield's AGM takes place tonight.

The accounts, for the period up until June 30, 2021, are the first under the community trust’s ownership.

We are due to hear from manager Paul Cook at the end of the evening.

Stay with us for all the latest.

SPIREITES AGM: Live updates

Last updated: Wednesday, 23 March, 2022, 23:39

  • Breaking: New £1m investment into club from two local businessmen
  • Chesterfield’s AGM takes place tonight at 7.30pm
  • Accounts are first since community trust took over club
  • Club in ‘negotiations’ about signing one or two players before deadline

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Two brothers invest £1m into Chesterfield Football Club in exciting development for Spireites

Two Chesterfield brothers have invested £1m into the Spireites.

Goodwin thanks all the directors and the fans for their questions.

“The club is in decent hands and is sustainable for the future.”

He ends by thanking new investors Phil and Ashley Kirk.

More reaction coming up on the DT website.

Q: Would the trust have taken over if they known what they know now?

“We would,” Goodwin says.

“We have done the best we can and we will continue to do that.

“The club would have gone into admin had we not stepped in.”

Are we lobbying for more promotion places from the NL?

“We have pushed strongly,” Thacker, who is on the Nl board, says.

“There has been a misconception about the NL in the past.

“The NL board has pushed for the Football League board to take note....for three teams to go up.

“I can assure you even up until last week there was further discussions at the NL about it.

“In my opinion, it has got to happen and it has got to happen soon.”

The club is looking at having a fans forum in the future.

How difficult was it to get rid of James Rowe?

Martin Thacker: “JR was a fantastic manager.

“His record stands for itself.

“It was not easy decision.

“A difficult situation presented itself.

“It is not appropriate to discuss what happened and all the things that was put to us.

“The agreement came to be that we had to part company.

“Some of us have had personal abuse from people who don’t know us.

“We have remained professional and we wish him all the best in what he wants to do.”

Season ticket prices?

Prices will have to go up next season but not ‘substantially’, says Goodwin.

Goodwin points out there has not been an increase in prices for four years.

Paul Cook is looking at the medical department to assess why they have had so many injuries this season.

Goodwin says they are in negotiations about bringing in a couple of players.

“Maybe one, maybe two.”

Why is the Technique pitch so bad?

Goodwin says there has been around 100 games on it.

Three-year contract with Sheffield United for their ladies’ team and under-23s.

Goodwin also says that James Rowe insisted on training on it two-three times a week despite being told not to.

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