Sport Retro - Chesterfield FC team 4th August 1970 bl-r: John Lumsden, Ernie MOSS, Keith Stott, Alan Humphries, alan Stevenson, Martin Wright, Charlie Bell, Tommy Fenoughty. Fl-r: Peter Carline, Albert Holmes, Roy Hickton, John Archer, Kevin Randall, David Pugh, Tony Moore and John Moyes.

Check out these retro Chesterfield FC kits and tell us which one was your favourite of all-time

Football has changed down the years in many ways, one of them is certainly modern day kits.

Thursday, 6th January 2022, 4:40 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th January 2022, 11:57 am

Long gone are the days of sponsor free and kit manufacturer logo free shirts. But newer doesn’t always mean better and many people often prefer the classic retro shirt look.

Check out these pictures of Spireites’ kits from down the years and tell us which you like best and why.

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