CEO Graham Bean confirms Chesterfield FC are actively seeking a buyer

Chesterfield CEO Graham Bean says the club are '˜actively' seeking a buyer but until the ownership changes hands he's asked fans to back the team.

Monday, 31st December 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 9:59 pm
Struggling Chesterfield are still actively seeking a new buyer.

Owner Dave Allen said in May that he expected to be able to sell the club once they returned to the Football League.

Supporters recently protested about the way the club has been run outside the Proact, and there were anti-board chants during a pitch invasion on Boxing Day.

Bean says the club’s current position in the football pyramid makes it harder to attract a buyer.

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“In terms of the club and its sale, there’s no sort of argument about that, it’s actively for sale,” he said.

“But you have to look at the situation and the fact that it’s a National League club, which is obviously a lot less attractive than being in the Football League.

“Until that day comes we have to carry on and Mr Allen continues to finance the club.

“It is his support that continues to allow the club to carry on as it is doing.

“Any sort of investor is welcome to enquire about the sale and we will actively try to find a buyer for it.”

The CEO says there might not necessarily be any public proclamations from the club, even if a sale was in the offing, due to the sensitive nature of negotiations.

“These things don’t happen overnight and even if someone walked in the front door today and said I want to buy Chesterfield Football Club, it would still take a number of months before any sale would take place,” he said.

“But also what has to be realised is that a lot of issues about sales of football clubs and the like are dealt with on a confidential basis.

“Even if something was happening in the background, it isn’t something that would be publicised, simply because of the confidentiality that is required.

“That’s just common sense, people have to understand that, within this industry, there has to be a lot of confidentiality with relation to certain issues and sales of football clubs is one of them.”

And he hopes supporters will stick with the team under its current ownership.

“Irrespective as to the feeling that there is in terms of the ownership, we would appeal to supporters to get behind the team and support them up the league and away from the relegation area,” he said.