Boardroom turbulence didn't unsettle Town players says boss

Danny Wilson says the recent turbulence in the Proact boardroom has had no impact on the playing side of the club.

Friday, 23rd December 2016, 1:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:11 pm
Dave Allen flanked by his fellow directors, CEO Chris Turner and manager Danny Wilson at the Chesterfield AGM, shortly before he resigned

Club owner Dave Allen resigned as chairman at the AGM in the middle of last month, before four other directors left the boardroom four days later.

There were negotiations between that quartet and the club’s representatives over the £1.8m worth of debentures they have in Chesterfield FC.

And last week an agreement was finalised between the two parties, which company secretary Ashley Carson said would allow the club to move forward.

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Although administration was a word thrown around in the wake of Allen’s exit, the majority shareholder has once again committed to fill the club’s financial gaps.

For Wilson, it’s been business as usual throughout the affair and he appreciates the club’s discretion in their off-field negotiations.

“I don’t really know in terms of it settling down. The club have been brilliant in that respect, keeping it very quiet, keeping it under wraps, it’s been discussed privately. That’s good,” he said.

“If they feel we need to know something they’ll tell us and we know that.

“Other than that we get on with our jobs. It’s been good, there’s been no disruption at all.”

Wilson is keen to point out that the off-field drama has had no influence on the club’s form and results.

“The players have got no excuses because of that, we don’t look for those excuses,” he said.

“The only excuse we can have to a certain degree is maybe the injury list, but that’s slowly coming together.

“There’s no distractions, whatever is going on upstars is staying upstairs, which is great.”