Board update: More signings possible, takeover not ruled out, owner calls for council support

Dave Allen and Ashley CarsonDave Allen and Ashley Carson
Dave Allen and Ashley Carson
Dave Allen is '˜delighted' with the recent progress made by Jack Lester and his squad and has injected another '˜large chunk' of cash into the club this month.

Director Ashley Carson has given the Derbyshire Times an update on the owner’s thoughts, including his desire to see supporters get behind the manager in the coming weeks and his hope that the council will back the club’s plans for a summer concert at the Proact.

Casino magnate Allen is still funding operations at the club, according to company secretary Carson.

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“The owner is delighted with the recent performance and hopes that the fans will get behind the team in the next couple of matches,” he said.

“He has injected another large chunk of cash this month and continues to fund the club.”

Since the January transfer window opened Lester has been able to add six new faces to his squad, and the Derbyshire Times understands that another signing or two may be possible before the deadline next week.

Despite sitting just one place above the drop zone, Carson says Chesterfield have a bigger budget than almost all the other clubs in League Two.

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“The club currently needs £1m a year extra to keep maintaining the current levels,” he said.

“Our player budget is third in the league.

“We never expected to be where we are, but all this is at a cost.

“The owner is taking the hit on this.”

In the past month it has come to light that an interested party, believed to be a Chinese firm, have agreed a deal for the club.

But takeover talk has dwindled since an official statement released on 8th January that said talks were ongoing.

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Carson refuses to rule out the possibility of a new regime at the Proact.

“I remain in dialogue with regards a potential sale and still won’t rule it out,” he said.

Chesterfield have also announced plans for a major summer concert at their stadium, an idea the owner is fully behind.

Allen hopes the local authorities will be similarly enthused.

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“He is excited about the concert and hopes Chesterfield Borough Council support us, as we will be bringing a lot of additional revenue to the town,” said Carson.

“Their support is required to grant the license.”