Chesterfield-born Derbyshire star Harvey Hosein forced into retirement from cricket

Harvey Hosein came through the ranks at Derbyshire to feature regularly for the first team.Harvey Hosein came through the ranks at Derbyshire to feature regularly for the first team.
Harvey Hosein came through the ranks at Derbyshire to feature regularly for the first team.
Chesterfield-born Harvey Hosein has been forced to retire from professional cricket due to persistent problems caused by concussion.

The 25-year-old, who lives in Matlock and played for the town's club as a teenager, played 83 matches for Derbyshire, scoring 2,768 runs, with a top score of 138 not out, and claimed 156 dismissals.

His 11 catches against Surrey on his first class debut in 2014 remains a record for the number of dismissals taken in a match by a Derbyshire wicketkeeper.

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However, he missed much of the 2021 season due to suffering from four concussions, two of which saw him leave the field due to concussion protocols, and having now taken extensive medical advice has opted to end his career to avoid any potential further issues.

He said: “I've received a number of hits to the head now, some in matches, some in training, and it’s resulted in me having periods away from the game.

"Recently there’s been some concern over what another hit to the head might do and some of the lasting effects on my health going forward.

"As a sportsman, retiring early is something you never have to want to consider, but given some of the concern shown and more recently the lasting effects of concussion being known, I think it’s the right decision.

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"I’m hugely grateful to all of the members and supporters who have been fiercely loyal towards me having been a local, home-grown player to have come through the academy and age groups systems into the first team, so I thank them and hope to see them around the club soon.”

Hosein is perfectly placed to voice his thoughts on current concussion protocols not just in cricket but in sport generally, with fewer risks being taken with players who have taken blows to the head for fear of causing lasting damage.

He said: “Concussion is such a topical issue at the moment, perhaps more so in football and rugby, and the effects of the long term impact are now better known.

"When you’re forced to take time out of the game, sometimes as a player you’re your own worst enemy because all you want to do is get back out playing, so having those protocols there, ultimately to protect you, are vitally important.

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"For me, the best thing to do has been to put my health first and make the decision now, rather than see it get worse because each time I’ve taken a hit it’s taken longer and longer to recover and the symptoms have been worse and worse.”

As for his future, Hosein has been working on gaining qualifications in the financial sector.

He said: “Whilst I was playing, I did my IMC [Investment Management Certificate] qualifications and it’s something the Professional Cricketers Association have been brilliant with as they actively encourage us to have ambitions outside the game and plan for the future.

"It’s at times like this you realise how important that is.

"So I’m looking to move into the world of finance now as I only have one more exam to do and I’ll be fully qualified and able to make that transition and move into that side of things.”