Women’s pyjamas UK 2022: from silk PJs, to cotton sets, or fleecy jammies, here are the best ladies’ pyjamas

Silk PJs, cotton, or fleecy jammies, here are the best ladies’ pyjamasSilk PJs, cotton, or fleecy jammies, here are the best ladies’ pyjamas
Silk PJs, cotton, or fleecy jammies, here are the best ladies’ pyjamas | Silk PJs, cotton, or fleecy jammies, here are the best ladies’ pajamas

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There’s few things as cheering as a new set of PJs. These women’s pyjamas are a cut above the rest

“I always think a day where you never get out of your pyjamas is a win,” said Mark Hamill, proving the actor has the same reservoir of wisdom as his counterpart Luke Skywalker.

Be it in anticipation of bed, a day of leisure about the house, or, in these work-from-home times, for a day sat at the laptop - put on a stylish pair of PJs and you’ll feel instantly more relaxed.

No more are we limited to checked flannel PJs (which are, we assure you, an enduring classic, but not for every occasion).

Rather, it’s possible to lounge like a silver screen goddess in a pair of silk or satin jim jams, shift effortlessly from bedwear to streetwear with funky linen sets, or don sweetly sexy boy short pyjamas, ideal if you want to conduct a subtle seduction of your beloved.

Whether you want to feel divinely louche as you read the weekend papers in a satin set, snuggly as you watch telly in the evening, or delightfully cosy before heading to Bedfordshire - a new set of pyjamas will ready you for relaxation.

Don a lovely dressing gown for a cosy night in, or simply slouch in your pyjama bottoms all day as you work from home - no one need ever know.

Here, then, are our favourite sets on the UK high street.

The White Company Cotton Classic Pyjama Set

Comfortable, stylish, classic, she’ll adore wearing these on languid weekends reading the newspapers.

If she suffers from night sweats (hello, menopause), the breathable cotton will keep you cool and temperature regulated.

These aren’t toasty jammies, but a set she can wear year-round and feel collected and classy.

Les Girls Les Boys

Our adoration of London brand Les Girls Les Boys extends far beyond how easy it is to sing about them a la the Chemical Brothers (Les Girls! Les Boys! Superstar DJ! Here we go!).

The ultra-chic label is fluid about who wears what - actively encouraging the purchase of a Les Boys PJs top to match a Les Girls bottom, for example. Their pieces straddle the boundary between streetwear and bedwear effortlessly - and they’re delightfully seamless, meaning no pinching or elastic marks. They slide on (and off) like butter.


The story goes that Hush founder Mandy Watkins created her now-famous pyjamas, having moved to the UK from her native Australia, to withstand our comparatively vicious winters.

Sounds entirely plausible: Hush PJs are awfully fine at creating instantaneous toastiness. 100 per cent cotton, they have an old-fashioned feel on the skin, like the jammies you wore as a child at Christmas.

They’re also cute as anything: this blue jungle print is vibrant and delightful.


These super-soft pyjamas are crafted by a brand called Joyful - a name they’ve employed for good reason. Don them and you’ll be feeling giddy with glee in moments.

They are made from 55% natural cotton and 45% linen so they are cosy and breathable.

They also feature french seams and beautiful mother and pearl buttons - they’re so pretty you’ll want to get in these as soon as it gets dark and you won’t mind if guests come calling.

Decadent and delightful.


Altogether more affordable are the offerings from Bluebella, who focus on fashion-forward lounge wear.

This monochromatic set is made from polyester, and can easily be incorporated into your streetwear rotation - we’ll be pairing the chic shirt top with a pair of jeans for heading to the pub.

Sleepers’ feather-trimmed pyjama set

You will likely either find marabou feathers delightfully fabulous or a little cringe-inducing, and where you fall on that topic will inform your response to these pyjamas from Sleepers.

These wilfully louche PJs are made of twill, and feature detachable feather trims. Shaped to a laid-back fit with a button-through shirt and piped trims.

Named ‘Party pyjamas’ they set the scene for downing martinis with a loved one.

Rosie for M&S

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lingerie and sleepwear range at M&S effortlessly straddles the line between elegance and sexiness, and at a remarkably reasonable price.

This satin pyjama set, in a delicate dusky green, has an easy-to-wear blouson fit.

Charlotte Dunn Design

You may recall the line from the Grease song, Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee “keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers!”

Reader, when we first donned the Basque ‘Silk’ Sleep set from UK designer Charlotte Dunn that lyric flitted, unbidden, into our head - these are SILKY PJs, a fact all the more remarkable as they’re not true silk.

Instead, it’s bamboo silk, an altogether more sustainable material than traditional silk.

The softness of bamboo silk is akin a high thread count cotton, rather than cool and satin-y, which makes for a deeply comfortable wearing experience. These jim jams breath well and won’t overheat as you sleep. We’re in love.

Desmond and Dempsey

If you’re after a pair of PJs that are as close as you can get to being naked, this is it. Wide legged trousers mean you’ll never feel hemmed it.

100 per cent breathable cotton, don’t think fuzzy-cosy, rather breathable and light as a second skin.

And as to the look. If you’re lucky enough to travel abroad, this is an ideal investment set: it is so chic we’ve worn the trousers while travelling Cuba and Marrakech, to nothing but flattering glances and admiring remarks.

Simply put, every D&D pair is great looking: this is arguably the best.


From traditional plaids and striped styles, to sweetly feminine sets, with camis and shorts, Rails covers off classic sleepwear gorgeously.

They are sumptuously, butter-y soft - you’ll struggle to want to wear anything else after you’ve donned your first Rails pair.


English high street brand Jigsaw has a strong focus on ensuring their clothes look great season after season, rather than playing into seasonal fashion trends.

Their sleepwear is no exception: the PJs are chic twists on enduring classics, such as this lovely paisley set.

The Sleep Kit

New mum? You’ll be wanting some sleepwear that is easy to wash, comfortable, breathable (night sweats can be unpleasant, post-partum) - and that provides easy access if you are breast feeding.

The Sleep Kit Materity Wear manages all of that, and looks breezily chic. A great present if you have a friend who is expecting.

La Redoute collections

Just very cute, and easy to wear. A great boy-short set here from trend-spotters La Redoute


Yes, we see that (huge) price tag, sorry. But it would be remiss of us to round up comfy pyjamas and omit mention of Yolke, the Ferrari Testarossa of the nightwear world.

All sleek lines, obvious luxury, brio, and delectable comfort. You can’t wear this silk-satin pair without swooning, so luscious is their cool, featherweight silk.

We’re not suggesting this is a mandatory purchase, but if you want to truly treat yourself, this is your pair.

Orchid Gingham Linen Pyjama Trouser Set

These are decadent-yet-casual jim jams - we adore the point of the day where the sun yawns and we finally feel justified in putting them on.

The breathable linen features the neat trick of being cool in the summer, warm in the winter. We love this classic, slightly oversized shape for maximum comfort - no restrictive elastic here. As to that pink gingham? Its too, too cute.

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