This property sold for just £1 - because no one can figure out how to get into it

A property in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, with no entrance or exit, has sold at auction for just £1, according to the BBC.

The 12 square metre room, which has a front window but no door, is wedged between two separate properties, and sits over an alleyway in the town.

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The Fenland District Council - which had owned the property since 1966 - sold it at auction earlier this week, along with other properties it considered “surplus”.

The council has no record of the room’s contents, or of anyone ever using it.

‘One of the weirdest ones’

Victoria Reek, auctions partner with William H Brown auctioneers, told the BBC that the room was “certainly one of the weirdest ones we’ve had at auction” and guessed that it is “probably just full of cobwebs”.

Reek said the guide price of £100 was dropped by the vendor just before the auction was due to start.

“We told bidders the first one to offer £1 could have it - one gentleman put up his hand and it was gone - all done and dusted,” she said.

The mystery buyer has not yet been identified.