This is what caused a huge 'loud bang' across Derbyshire this morning which shook homes and set off car alarms

A 'loud bang' heard across Derbyshire was a result of a Royal Air Force jet passing over the area which caused a sonic boom.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 11:38 am
Derbyshire police is investigating reports of a 'loud bang' in the Ilkeston/Derby area.

Residents took to social media to say their homes were 'shaking' and car alarms were going off.

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Derbyshire police said it was particularly heard in the Ilkeston and Derby area just before 10am.

Derbyshire police tweeted: "If you heard a loud bang over Derbyshire today, this was as a result of a Royal Air Force jet passing over that caused a sonic boom."

"And Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service tweeted: Loud bangs that could be heard across Derby and and parts of Derbyshire are being attributed to a sonic boom caused by a low flying aircraft."