Will it snow in Chesterfield over the rest of the winter in 2022? Chesterfield long term weather report

The winter still has a few weeks left in it – but will we see snow in Chesterfield during this time?

By jimmy johnson
Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 12:06 pm

We’ve been in winter for over a month now – can you believe there’s still almost seven weeks left of it? Regardless, it hasn’t been the snowiest of winters in Chesterfield, although this could still potentially change. For those unaware, winter begins on December 21st and ends on March 20th.

According to Accuweather, there are six days in Chesterfield from now till the end of the winter where snowfall is a possibility. They are: February 15th, February 20th, February 28th, March 10th, March 12th and March 20th.

However, Accuweather also predicts that there will be rainfall alongside the snow on each of these six days. Due to this, the snow is unlikely to pile up and cause disruption to traffic or travel.

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Will we see snow for the rest of the winter in Chesterfield?

Another weather news source, Metcheck, has produced a different set of results. They predict that there will be four days up until the end of winter in which Chesterfield could see snow, instead of six days. Currently, Metcheck has forecasted snow for February 15th, February 23rd, March 5th and March 7th. Notably, Metcheck has predicted heavy snowfall on March 7th in particular.

As such, the only potential snow day that both weather outlets agree on is February 15th – so if you’re driving that day, be careful on the roads. Even on the other days, snow or not, it’s likely that the roads will be iced up and slippery.