Chesterfield: New Year's Eve and New Year's Day weather - NYE weather report

Will we be having a happy new year – or is it going to rain on our parade?

Friday, 24th December 2021, 3:23 pm
Crooked spire in the moonlight.

There’s nothing worse on New Year’s Eve than an unexpected downpour. However, on this year’s iteration of the event, you can rest easy – Accuweather has predicted there is a 0% chance of rain in Chesterfield on New Year’s Eve.

It’s expected to be relatively mild for this time of year too, with a maximum predicted temperature of nine degrees Celsius and a minimum of seven degrees Celsius.

While it won’t be a wet New Year’s Eve, is it likely to be a windy one, with wind gusts of 63kmph anticipated for the last day of 2021. Due to this (amongst other factors), despite the mild temperature, it may feel colder – Accuweather predicts it’ll feel closer to six degrees Celsius than nine. When the day is at its coldest, it could feel as cold as three degrees Celsius.

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New Year’s Day will be ever so slightly warmer, with a maximum predicted temperature of ten degrees Celsius. The minimum estimated temperature will remain the same as New Year’s Eve’s.

While it may be warmer, there’s also a significantly higher chance of precipitation. It’s predicted that there will be a 25% of rain on New Year’s Day in Chesterfield – however, it’s unlikely to be anything other than light rainfall.

Furthermore, it’ll be noticeably less windy, with wind gusts only reaching 44kmph on this day. Both days will be cloudy – although that’s to be expected, given the time of year.