VIDEO: The 'miserable' life of animals at Peter Jolly's Circus

A campaign group has urged residents to shun a travelling circus when it visits North Wingfield - as its performances feature wild animals.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 3:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 4:00 pm
This picture, taken by Animal Defenders International, shows one of the camels used by Peter Jolly's Circus.

Peter Jolly's Circus comes to Williamthorpe Road in the village on Thursday and will leave on Sunday.

The circus's performances include camels, zebras, ducks and a fox - and it insists all its animals are well looked after.

According to Animal Defenders International (ADI), the circus is one of only two in the UK to still use wild animals.

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The group claims it is an 'outdated practice which is overwhelmingly opposed by the public and animal experts' and called on residents to snub the circus.

It has also produced the above video called 'the miserable life of animals at Peter Jolly's Circus'.

Jan Creamer, president of ADI, said: "We have has repeatedly documented the suffering and abuse of animals in circuses.

"Circuses simply cannot meet the needs of animals in small, mobile accommodation.

"You can help stop the suffering - don't go to a circus with animals."

A spokesman for Peter Jolly's Circus said: "It's very important to stress that all our animals are well looked after.

"They are part of our circus family so we take special care to meet all their welfare needs.

"We have inspections from Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and independent vets."

The spokesman added: "We'd urge people not to believe the propaganda from the ADI.

"They shouldn’t be telling people what they should and shouldn't do."