VIDEO: Have you seen the Peak District's mysterious 'ghost plane'?

A Douglas Dakota, similar to the plane some claimed to have seen appear as a ghostly apparition.A Douglas Dakota, similar to the plane some claimed to have seen appear as a ghostly apparition.
A Douglas Dakota, similar to the plane some claimed to have seen appear as a ghostly apparition.
More reports of a ghost plane being sighted in Derbyshire have emerged after an eyewitness claimed she saw a large, silent aircraft flying towards her, before it disappeared completely.

There have consistently been reports of ghost planes in Derbyshire, with people often identifying the plane as a Douglas Dakota - once flown by the RAF.

And as the reports continue to show chilling similarities, we've found a news documentary from the 1990s which claims a Dakota did crash in the area some 70 years ago.

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Pam Orridge said the news of the new sightings prompted her to remember a sighting from a few years ago.

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Unexplained ghost plane sighted again in RowleyGhost plane spotted over DerbyshireShe said: "My son and I were driving along the A6 towards Rowsley from Darley Dale.

"We had just passed Church Road on our left and well before Arconic Forgings and Extrusion also on the left.

"Suddenly in front of us was an aircraft flying very low towards us. So low we thought it would crash into us but then it banked sideways and disappeared. We could not identify the aircraft other than it was old because it happened so quickly and left us quite shocked."

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But then as she discussed the latest sighting by Sandra Holland in Rowsley last week, she discovered others in her family have had the same experience.

Pam added: "Whilst discussing your article with the family my grandson told me he had experienced the very same thing when he was a passenger in a friends car travelling along the very same spot last year.

"None of us obviously thought any more about the incidents because the Dakota and Hercules aircraft do occasionally fly down the valley through Darley Dale towards Matlock, but they can be heard and their sound is quite distinctive."

The reports follow a sighting by Ms Holland.

Bakewell woman Sandra Holland said she spotted a large, unmarked, silent aircraft above the Peak Shopping Village almost two weeks ago.

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She said: “We were on the way back from the doctors’ when my daughter just shouted, ‘what’s that?’

“I have never seen anything like it. It looked like it wasn’t running quite right and was going to run into us.

“It was sideways on and then it vanished - it was very strange and a real shock to us.”

Peak District online says there have been at least 50 plane crashes in the area of the 'Dark Peak' - dubbed the UK's Bermuda Triangle.

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Many of the crashes remain unexplained and an investigation into magnetic anomalies found that naturally occurring magnetic rocks in The Dark Peak can cause local 'deflections' of compass direction - however no more so than any other area so the theory has been rules out as a cause for major air crashes.

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