VIDEO: Footage shows '˜ghost' which has '˜haunted' Chesterfield property since 1980s

This footage of an '˜apparition' at a house on Chesterfield's St Augustines Avenue was sent in by ghost hunter Mark Vernon.

Mark, who is currently investigating the haunted property, says his film shows a figure trying to manifest itself in the property-owner’s front room.

He said: “At first I thought it was the figure of a young boy, but on closer inspection it appears to have horns - you can clearly see its features and horns.”

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The St Augustines house has a dark history and was the scene of an exorcism by Rev Banyard, of nearby Saints Augustine Church, in the 1980s.

A family living in the property at the time turned to the man of cloth for help after experiencing mysterious burning smells, sudden chills and an eerie grey mist creeping from the corners of a bedroom.

In a newspaper clipping from that time, Dennis Fearn, who lived at the house with his wife and two sons, is reported as saying that he was kept awake by a peculiar scratching noise at the foot of the bed and a feeling that something was trying to crawl up the bed.

Rev Banyard was called in to perform the ceremony of Blessing the House, armed with a vial of holy water.

But ghost hunter Mark Vernon fears the exorcism failed and the restless spirit remains at the property.

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