Tributes paid to young engineer who died after falling from cliff edge in Matlock

Tributes have been paid to a young mechanical engineer, described as a 'gentle soul', who died after falling from a cliff edge in Matlock Bath.
Logan Woolliscroft, 21, sadly passed away last year.Logan Woolliscroft, 21, sadly passed away last year.
Logan Woolliscroft, 21, sadly passed away last year.

Logan Woolliscroft, 21, of The Close, Matlock, was found at the bottom of High Tor on the afternoon of August 21, 2018, after suffering 'unsurvivable injuries'.

The talented footballer, who played for Matlock Town and several other football teams, had problems with drugs, alcohol, relationships, gambling and depression. On the day of his death, he had drank alcohol and taken cocaine.

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At an inquest in Chesterfield on Thursday, coroner Peter Nieto recorded an open conclusion. He stated there is not enough evidence to say it was definitely suicide as it is possible Logan may have accidentally fallen because he was intoxicated or because he lost his footing or a combination of both.

'He was a gentle soul'

Paying tribute to his son, Steven Woolliscroft, told Chesterfield Coroners' Court: "Logan was always happy and smiley.

"As well as being father and son we were like best friends.

"Knowing Logan I would not have thought that Logan could have jumped off. We as a family are united in the fact that Logan could not have done that. It is all ifs and buts but Logan would not have wanted to put his family through that.

"He was a gentle soul."

Talented footballer and bright future

The court heard that Logan was an intelligent young man with bright career prospects.

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He was a mechanical engineer at Firth Rixson in Darley Dale and he had interests in sports, cars and mountain bikes.

He played for Matlock Town Football Club, as well as several other football teams, including representing Derbyshire.

When he was younger he travelled around with his dad in his lorry, who was a long distance driver.

Logan adored his grandparents and loved his mum Cassandra and youngster sister Tillie very much, the inquest heard.

Things started to change

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Sadly, things started to change for Logan in February 2018 when his relationship with his girlfriend of 18 months ended, causing him a lot of upset.

He started hanging around with a new group of friends and started seeing his family less and staying out at night later.

Logan's dad Steven said his new friends were a 'cause for concern' as he believed they were involved in drug taking.

Logan eventually admitted having gambling problems and confessed to his granddad that he took cocaine.

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Before his death he had gone to High Tor on two previous occasions, had told friends that he was 'thinking' of harming himself and had been diagnosed with severe depression. He was taking anti-depressants and being seen by a mental health team.

August 21, 2018

On the morning of his death, Logan got a lift to work with his dad and arranged a time to be picked up a few hours later.

However, when his dad returned to collect Logan a work colleague told him that he had not turned up for work and had walked off as soon as his dad drove away.

Just before 11am, Logan's ex-girlfriend, Leonie Stapleton, received a video call from Logan showing him at High Tor and he apparently told her that he loved her.

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Leonie told the court: "I told him to come down and he said that he would in a minute."

But still being concerned for his safety, Leonie drove to High Tor and found Logan's mobile phone by the cliff edge. She then called Logan's dad and the police.

Logan's body was found at the bottom of High Tor by mountain rescue teams at 1.10pm.

As well as Logan's mobile phone, officers found an empty bottle of Dissarono and bags of what is believed to be cocaine at the scene.


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Concerns were raised during the inquest of the role of a man who apparently supplied Logan with cocaine on the morning of his death.

In a police statement, the man said he was Logan's friend but Logan's dad disputed this and said his son was 'a customer' of the man and not a 'friend'.

Logan's family only found out he had been taking drugs on a regular basis a short time before his death and had become worried about his behaviour.

The inquest heard that Logan and girlfriend Leonie had stopped seeing each other less and that he has suspicions she might have been seeing someone else.

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Leonie said that Logan had told her and their friends that he had thoughts about taking his own life. She told the court: "We just told him 'don't be silly' and tried to talk him around but we did not think he was actually serious which is the upsetting part."

Messages to family

A search was made of Logan's home after his death and officers found a message from Logan to his family which read: "Sorry for causing you pain but I am happier now. Please look after my car."

Six post-it notes were found in the oven with love hearts drawn next to the names of his family members.

Mr Nieto recorded the medical cause of death as combined cranio-cerebral trauma and bilateral lower limb injuries with mental health and substance misuse issues.


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Recording an open conclusion, Mr Nieto, said: "Logan Woolliscroft died on 21 August 2018 at the bottom of High Tor, Matlock Bath, due to sustaining unsurvivable injuries having fallen from the cliff edge.

"On the evidence considered by the court Mr Woolliscroft had consumed alcohol and cocaine immediately before his death. He was being treated for depression and he had worries regarding relationship problems, gambling and debts.

"Although there had been two previous occasions when he had expressed thoughts of self-harm and had been found at High Tor, and he left forms of messages, in the few days before his death which indicate that he was again having thoughts of self-harm, it is not possible to find that the fall was the result of a deliberate act with the intention to taking his own life.

"There were no witnesses, he left no clear messages of his intent, the evidence to reach a conclusion of suicide does not meet the threshold of likelihood on the balance of probabilities.

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"There is a real possibility that the fall resulted from Mr Woolliscroft being intoxicated, becoming unsteady on the high cliff, or losing his footing on the cliff edge, or a combination of these factors.

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