Police issue warning after car seized due to insurance not covering commuting

A driver had their car seized by police on a motorway -because their insurance policy didn't cover commuting from work.
The car seized by police for not having 'commuting' insuranceThe car seized by police for not having 'commuting' insurance
The car seized by police for not having 'commuting' insurance

Police seized the car on the M62 because the insurance policy did not cover commuting.

A spokesman said: “M62 West, - Driver commuting from work - insurance policy excludes commuting. Also an incorrect address on the policy. Seized and reported”

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But the incident sparked criticism from some fellow drivers online, with many taking aim at the police for the seizure.

One comment said: “How can an insurance policy ‘exclude commuting’ never heard of that in my life! Genuine question! It’s quite worrying!” Another added: “Bit harsh that...”

A spokesman for the force then defended the seizure of the car, adding: “Regarding the above comments, for obvious reasons we cannot discuss this specific incident in detail, however we always ensure the law is enforced fairly and proportionately. If using the vehicle for a class of use not covered, then the vehicle is uninsured for that journey.”

Motorists are now being urged to check their insurance does cover them when commuting as not all policies do so.

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