Chesterfield petrol prices: No forecourts in the town selling fuel for ‘fair price’ according to RAC

There are no petrol stations in Chesterfield selling fuel at a ‘fair price’ – according to the RAC’s latest research.

Wholesale fuel costs have fallen substantially over the last six weeks, but the RAC says only a tiny proportion of retailers have cut their prices to accurately reflect this.

Based on the latest wholesale fuel prices, the motoring organisation estimates a “fair” price for petrol is 174p per litre, while diesel should be around 189p per litre. lists prices for petrol stations across Chesterfield – and none are offering the “fair” prices suggested by the RAC.

None of Chesterfield’s petrol stations are meeting the RAC’s ‘fair’ pricing.

There is only one station in Chesterfield where petrol is less than 180p per litre – with Sainsbury’s on Rother Way charging 179.9p for unleaded. They are also the cheapest forecourt in the town for diesel – coming in at 190.9p.

The next cheapest station is Esso on Newbold Road – the latest figures show that petrol there is at 180.9p and diesel at 191.9p.

The most expensive forecourt in the town, according to, is the Texaco station on Mansfield Road, Hasland. There, unleaded costs 186.9p a litre, and diesel comes in at 195.9p.