Calls for funding to improve notorious M1 junction in Derbyshire

Political leaders are demanding funding to improve a notorious traffic bottleneck in Derbyshire.

By Jon Ball
Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 7:55 am

Mark Fletcher, Conservative MP for Bolsover, and Coun Steve Fritchley, Labour leader of Bolsover Council, have written to the Department for Transport, requesting funding for improvements to Junction 28 of the M1.

The junction provides access to the East Midlands Designer Outlet along the A38, south-west along the trunk road towards Alfreton and Derby, as well as local access into South Normanton.

Roadsigns and traffic lights at Junction 28 of the M1.

However, Mr Fletcher and Coun Fritchley said the junction has suffered for years with high levels of congestion and an outdated road layout, struggling to deal with the current capacity that passes through it on a daily basis.

They said the junction is “particularly important” as it serves as the gateway to many businesses in South Normanton, Pinxton, Sutton and Mansfield.

They said: “As our communities look to recover from the impact of the pandemic, it’s necessary to have high-quality infrastructure links that are fit for purpose.

“Improving junction 28 is one of those key infrastructure projects for the south of the constituency.”

They have now have written to Highways England to request funding to carry out work, as well as to local businesses to see how improvements would affect their business.

There are also concerns about the level of noise and air pollution from cars and lorries sat at the junction, especially around rush hour.

Traffic sat on the junction generates a large amount of pollution and residents in South Normanton and Pinxton are understandably concerned.

Mr Fletcher said: “Those of us who use Junction 28 on a regular basis know how bad traffic can be.

“The layout simply can’t take the volume of traffic that passes through it on a daily basis and big improvements are needed.

“Making long-term changes to the junction will drastically improve traffic flow through the area, as well as improving air quality for those that live in South Normanton and Pinxton.

“Junction 28 is a key part of our infrastructure network, linking South Normanton and Pinxton, Mansfield and Sutton to the wider region.

“It’s vital we improve the junction here to help unlock potential.”