All the cancelled and delayed flights from East Midlands, Doncaster and Manchester Airport on Wednesday, June 22

Holidaymakers travelling from our local airports today may face some disruption to their journeys.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 10:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 10:41 am

Here is the full list of cancelled and delayed flights from East Midlands, Manchester and Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

East Midlands:

Jet2 flight LS661 to Larnaca – scheduled for 4.00pm

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The bulk of delayed flights for travellers are departing from Manchester. Credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Jet2 flight LS655 to Pafos – scheduled for 4.00pm


Turkish Airlines flight TK1994 to Istanbul – scheduled for 11.10am

Loganair flight LM694 to Isle of Man – scheduled for 11.18am

EasyJet flight U21837 to Amsterdam – scheduled for 12.16pm

Aer Lingus flight EI3325 to Dublin – scheduled for 12.30pm

Virgin Atlantic flight to New York – scheduled for 1.05pm

EasyJet flight U21807 to Dubrovnik – scheduled for 1.43pm

EasyJet flight U21841 to Hamburg – scheduled for 2.05pm

EasyJet flight U21973 to Pafos – scheduled for 3.58pm

EasyJet flight U21833 to Amsterdam – scheduled for 3.18pm

Jet2 flight LS111 to Lanzarote – scheduled for 3.10pm

Jet2 flight LS895 to Antalya – scheduled for 3.47pm

Jet2 flight LS909 to Fuerteventura – scheduled for 7.41pm

EasyJet flight U21993 to Preveza – scheduled for 4.16pm

Jet2 flight LS781 to Gran Canaria – scheduled for 6.27pm

Jet2 flight LS937 to Pafos – scheduled for 7.05pm

Jet2 flight LS743 to Kos – scheduled for 5.29pm

Jet2 flight LS789 to Izmir – scheduled for 5.30pm

Alsie Express flight 6I6469 to Edinburgh – scheduled for 6.10pm

EasyJet flight U21953 to Geneva – scheduled for 6.40pm

EasyJet flight U2137 to Belfast – scheduled for 8.58pm

Doncaster Sheffield:

There are currently no expected delays or cancellations from Doncaster Sheffield today.

These are all the cancellations and delays that were expected at the time of publication – this may change throughout the day. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline.