All the cancelled and delayed flights from East Midlands, Doncaster and Manchester Airport on Tuesday, June 21

Holidaymakers jetting off from our local airports may face some delays or cancellations to their journey today.

Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 11:23 am

Here is the full list of cancelled and delayed flights from East Midlands, Manchester and Doncaster Sheffield Airport:


Ryanair flight FR3118 to Marseille – scheduled for 12.09pm

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There are a number of delayed flights today - with the bulk of those departing from Manchester.

KLM flight KL1074 to Amsterdam – scheduled for 11.45am

Aer Lingus flight to Dublin – scheduled for 12.30pm

EasyJet flight U21837 to Amsterdam – scheduled for 1.01pm

Austrian Airlines flight OS464 to Vienna – scheduled for 1.55pm

Jet2 flight to Newquay – scheduled for 3.20pm

Catreus flight to Faro – scheduled for 4.20pm

Jet2 flight LS983 to Bodrum – scheduled for 5.10pm

Jet2 flight LS963 to Chania – scheduled for 6.21pm

Jet2 flight LS1717 to Santorini – scheduled for 7.30pm

EasyJet flight U21903 to Tenerife – scheduled for 5.50PM

SAS flight SK542 to Copenhagen – cancelled

East Midlands:

Blue Islands flight SI551 to Jersey – scheduled for 12.20pm

Jet2 flight LS633 to Tenerife – scheduled for 3.34pm

Aegean Airlines flight A34321 to Rhodes – scheduled for 7.30pm

Doncaster Sheffield:

There are currently no expected delays or cancellations from Doncaster Sheffield today.

These are all the cancellations and delays that were expected at the time of publication – this may change throughout the day. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline.