THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Why didn’t you choose Buddhism or become a Jedi?

I’m a very happy and content man. Contrary to the opinion of some, there is not a god shaped hole in my life in fact my life is full of meaning.
Would fish fingers fill a hole in your life?Would fish fingers fill a hole in your life?
Would fish fingers fill a hole in your life?

I now joke with those who ask me about the god shaped hole, if you felt that there was a hole in your life, why did you fill it with god and not with fish finger sandwiches as this would seem an eminently more sensible and satisfying way to fill a hole!

I have a question for those who have filled their ‘hole’ with Christianity - why didn’t you choose Islam or Buddhism or Zoroastrianism or Odin or become a Jedi?

Could it be because you are English?

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Does the god of Abraham have special privileges in the UK that prevent other faiths having a claim on your ‘hole’?

By the way, I’m also not scared of dying.

I would like to live as long as possible but when the time comes there does not seem much I can do about it other than say cheerio.

The religious seem much more scared of death in my experience and yet you should all embrace it, knowing with certainty that your journey will continue with god in heaven.

And if the end of the world is upon us I intend to enjoy my final days and not cower with my head in my hands begging for forgiveness just for being human.

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I’m really not bothered what you believe, but I do care if you try to force your views on others in an effort to shape the world to your own ends.

PS: Just as I finished writing this article the doorbell guessed it.

This month’s edition of Watchtower!

Got a sense of humour this god of yours...


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